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Monday, December 25, 2017

Telegram X, the client that offers night mode for the iPhone and iPad

In the App Store we can find a customer Telegram visual enhancements and interesting performance called Telegram X .
This application is foreign to the official version, even the name of the developer is very similar, but does not belong to " Telegram LLC ". Perhaps, this may give mistrust to users.
This client has a very attractive visual aspect, similar to the official version but with some improvements, especially in the color themes that we can select, including night mode .

Telegram X for iOS and iPad

iPhone Screenshot 1
Telegram X is not new in the App Store, it appeared about three years ago, but now it has just been updated with new themes , improved performance and new animations, make it a very attractive alternative.
The application is completely free and you can download it for both iPhone and iPad and does not offer integrated purchases. Although English is the only language available in the App Store, the truth is that you have a quantity to choose from, of course, Spanish is included.
In the appearance section , we can modify the font size, the screen backgrounds (different from those of the official application) and select one of the four available themes. When browsing the chats, we have a bounce effect very similar to that of iMessage , in addition to other animations.
"Day Classic" is the same as Telegram, the " Day " mode is reminiscent of iMessages, "Night" is night mode and "Nigh Blue" uses a dark bluish tone. Thanks to these last two tones, we could get to extend the battery of the iPhone X by its OLED screen.
If you're using Telegram and X have an iPhone, you can save more battery thanks to night mode that incorporates the latest version of Telegram X .

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