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Friday, December 29, 2017

The blogger who cheated Apple, forced to pay $ 410,000

The blogger who invented a story of overcoming how he had beaten brain cancer, cheating Apple (and practically everyone), must pay $ 410,000.
Belle Gibson is an Australian girl who defined herself as a fighter when fighting a supposed brain cancer thanks to a miraculous diet created by herself.
Its history moved Apple, where it began to collaborate with them on a large scale, to such an extent that Apple was about to promote its own app in the launch of the Apple Watch.

The blogger who cured cancer with diets

Fairfax Media: Supplied
This girl had a great impact for her story of improvement, where she even wrote a book, published an app and a blog . All with great success thanks to the media and the unconditional support of Apple.
Belle Gibson revealed herself in an interview, stating that the medical tests were perhaps wrong . Suspicions about his deception quickly confirmed.
Apple was supporting it until the last moment thanks to internal contacts that could go beyond a professional relationship. You can read all his story about his scam in this post.
At first, the state of Victoria denounced it with a penalty of 1.1 million dollars, finally, a judge forces it to pay 410,000 dollars broken down as follows:
  • $ 90,000 of sales and advertising generated through the 'The Whole Pantry' app.
  • $ 50,000 for not donating the money obtained through the app.
  • $ 30,000 for not donating the money raised through an event on Mother's Day in 2014.
  • 90,000 for not donating other company benefits.
  • 150,000 for telling the family of Joshua Schwarz, a child suffering from incurable brain cancer, who would give them 100% of the profits made through the app.
Apple did not want to make statements when they stopped working with this blogger , they simply said at the time that they no longer maintained any kind of relationship with her.

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