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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The CEO of Apple in Spain, Oscar Rodríguez, resigns

Apple loses the strong weight of the company in Spain. Oscar Rodríguez, who was CEO of Apple in Spain has left the company without giving any explanation in this regard for what would have left the vacancy, which from Cupertino try to reoccupy with another person opening a new selection process . All this information has been collected by Kippel01 , although in the Linkedln account their employment status has not been modified.

The CEO of Apple Spain resigns

The Spanish market of Apple has been increasing in recent months, currently having a total of 11 official stores with more than 1000 employees on staff. This subsidiary has now been decapitated after the resignation of its CEO, which has not transcended any reason, although the gossips point to pressure from the rest of European managers (but we can not believe this).
Rodríguez has extensive experience in the management of technology companies in Spain with more than 10 years of experience in Motorola Spain in a similar position and then spent 4 years in LG. Since the South Korean company went to Apple where he has been more than three years.
Under the direction of Oscar Rodriguez the growth of Apple Spain (Apple Marketing Iberia - name with which it is registered in the mercantile registry of Spain -) has been quite significant, reaching a 33.69% increase in  turnover.
We must wait for official statements by Oscar Rodríguez  to confirm this news that has collected the medium we have cited at the beginning, and see if there is any kind of reason for this abandonment. In the next few days we will see the selection of the new general director concluded , because we do not believe that from Cupertino they leave a crucial position vacant for a long time. 

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