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Friday, December 8, 2017

The demand for components of the iPhone X begins to weaken

These months the demand for the components of the iPhone X has been truly high, as is logical, since the number of orders that Apple has experienced this star product have resulted in this strong demand. But it seems that this is coming to an end with a substantial reduction in the demand for this terminal's components.

The production of the iPhone X begins to normalize

According to a source in the supply chain, shipments of these components for the iPhone X would have been reduced in November , after strong demand in September and October. Specifically, he has stated the following:
With the demand for the key component not growing as strong as expected, the sources are worried that Apple could reduce its target of sending the iPhone X for the first quarter of 2018. The sources pointed out that Apple's orders for iPhone X in November were around 30% lower than their previous forecast.
That the demand for components for the iPhone X has weakened indicates that the production chain has improved its performance which has been appreciated in the waiting times to receive this device, reducing to 1-2 weeks , reaching mostly in a week since it seems that there is enough stock available.
The decrease in the demand for components has not ended up liking the suppliers since they have seen their income reduced during the month of November . These reductions are expected to continue during these months, lengthening during the first quarter of next year, due to the New Year holidays that will close the production chains.
All this adds to the DigiTimes media that said shipments of this iPhone in the first quarter of 2018 will be better than those charged in this same quarter. We must wait for the figures of the fiscal quarter.

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