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Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Face ID again loses the game against the Touch ID

The Face ID is again the object of doubts and insecurities on the part of users and specialized security centers. This time it seems that it is a much more serious problem and is that, despite the statements of Apple, it seems that the Face ID is much less efficient than the Touch ID.
This has been stated by users, who have begun to complain about a very particular problem that they have begun to experience.

Verification problems

The problem is that parents have been realizing that they can not approve their children's purchases using Face ID. However, using a device with Touch ID, they have managed to carry out identity verification.
Therefore, making use of the Face ID becomes a bit rough, since instead of using facial recognition, the terminal asks you to enter your Apple ID and password , a process that is a bit annoying to perform at this stage of the game. .

Not so intuitive

This may not seem like a problem for the average user, but people with a large family are a bit tedious. In addition, we are on a date when children usually ask for more than usual, therefore, they will want the last game that has been on the App Store. Having to authenticate your identity using the Apple ID and the mail becomes rather tiring when done repeatedly.
Probably this is a measure of security that Apple has taken, since the Face ID has a much wider error range when it comes to children under 13, or in case of having a twin brother.
The purpose of family purchases is that the main account can have some control over those linked to it. So, although you understand Apple's need to keep our information safe, why not trust the system they've created themselves?

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