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Thursday, December 14, 2017

The iMac Pro incorporates a T2 chip with advanced encryption features

Yesterday it was finally announced by Apple that tomorrow will be able to acquire in the Apple Store the iMac Pro that was presented at WWDC 2017 without any specific date of departure. The details come to light one of the most powerful teams of Apple, and also the most expensive with a base price of $ 5,000 . This desktop computer has a very interesting feature, and it is a new chip owned by Apple, named T2, which we will see how it works.

The iMac Pro incorporates a renewed T2 chip

The previous generation, the T1 chip, is currently incorporated in the renewed MacBook Pro range top, which have such outstanding functions as the Touch ID integrated into the famous Touch Bar. All these characteristics reside in this chip Apple, the T1. And, what has improved in its second generation that will be incorporated into the iMac Pro? 
iMac Pro
We have no official certainties of the new features of this T2 chip, but the professionals that have been able to test this equipment have spoken. This is the case of Cabel Sasserwho, in his Twitter account, has specified some of the characteristics of this T2 chip.
The first one is SMC, which will take care of the camera, the audio control, the control of the SSD ... The second is the so-called ISP, responsible for managing the FaceTime camera. In addition, a new layer of security is added to avoid that the information that resides in this chip does not come out.
Although we see something wasted, because in this iMac Pro is not incorporated or Touch ID, or Face ID, and that is why we do not understand this second generation of chip, although it may be preparing for a keyboard with fingerprint reader integrated, who knows.
We must wait until tomorrow and leave the first reviews to appreciate the full potential offered by this terminal so premium by Apple.

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