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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The iMac Pro will go on sale on December 14, but only in the US

The iMac Pro, one of the most powerful Mac of the Cupertino company was presented at WWDC 2017, but without a clear release date to the public, leaving for December. Today, an official date has already been given to start buying it, although only in the US , on December 14 . The base price of this computer is $ 5,000 , so it is only intended for people who require great power.

The iMac Pro will close this year at Apple

And is that although the price is not for all users do not know if the possibility of purchase will open the same day for all countries in the world or if it will be restricted to some countries that will be the first to launch.
iMac Pro
After a pass through some Apple Store Online I have seen that only announced that sales will open on December 14 in the US Store without knowing anything in other countries, something that has left us quite disconnected because in the WWDC was not specified if only some countries would receive this premium product that has been made to pray.
The specifications we told you in the article that we dedicated in its presentation , being totally impressive, with an impressive connectivity and a processor of the highest quality. It is capable of operating two external 5K monitors, almost nothing.
The color with which this iMac is black, but we do not know if it is worth almost $ 4,999 the most basic model, adding a zero plus the higher version.

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