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Thursday, December 7, 2017

The iPhone 512 GB of storage could be launched in 2018

Currently the data occupies a lot of space, especially understood by people who want to make photographs or videos with maximum quality. That is why, the average capacity of the devices has been increasing. Sure you remember what s 8 GB of storage that had some iPhone in the past , something unthinkable today, since the iPhone X starts at 64 GB.

The 512 GB of storage can arrive next year to the iPhone

And as always, we have not taken advantage of the terminal that Apple has presented us this year, and we are already thinking about the next generation that we will have on the table in 2018. Next year we would foreseeable see 3 iPhone models that would have a very similar to the iPhone X as we discussed in this article .
Apple iPhone iMac
The larger iPhone would have a 6.5-inch screen, like the Note and OELD technology, but also will see a 5.8-inch and a much cheaper with LCD technology that would have a reduced price of 650 -900 dollars
The difference in the price will be in the internal storage that could reach up to 512 gigabytes of capacity accompanying the storage that we currently have 64 and 256 GB. It is interesting that the user can choose if he wants to give priority to storage, since as they do not allow us to expand it with an SD card, if it is possible to choose between different configurations.
This is positive and more telling that if we record a video in 4K and 60 fps can occupy 400 mb per minute. Leave me in the comment box what you think about this new capacity.

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