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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The iPhone sweeps the internet: the most searched for in 2017 in Google

This year marks ten years since the launch of the iPhone , the most iconic product of Apple and this fact has left no one indifferent. Yes, the iPhone X has raised a lot of expectation, even more than usual and that has been evident in everything: queues for your purchase, a lot of activity on the networks and of course, internet searches.
This year is coming to an end and it is time to take stock of the most searched in Google in 2017 . As it could not be less, the iPhone is on the list of the most sought both statewide and internationally, yes, the iPhone that cup the highest positions will surprise you.

The most searched in Google in 2017

The terrifying Hurricane Irma is the most searched term in Google this 2017, the tragedy has managed to get the attention of the whole world. But after the natural disaster are the iPhone 8 and iPhone X who remain on the podium. Yes, you read that right: the iPhone 8 has received more searches than the iPhone X .
Is it because Apple devoted much less attention to fixing all its lights on the iPhone X? Have many potential buyers wondered if it's worth it? Anyway, it seems that the iPhone 8 has given to talk .
If we restrict our search to consumer electronics on an international scale obviously the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are back on the list, this time as leaders without discussion. Surprisingly the pattern repeats and iPhone 8 is above the iPhone X .

The most searched in Google in 2017 in Spain

But what will happen in Spain? Will this trend change? Will Android phones have their place? This is the most searched in google Spain in 2017 :
No surprises on the Spanish horizon, where personalities share the global top ten together with the controversial issue of Catalonia. But almost to the bottom of the list, in the number 8 spot we happen to find the iPhone 8. That is, the iPhone 8 also arouses the interest of Spanish Internet users .

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