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Saturday, December 30, 2017

The spectacular Apple Store in Chicago has a design flaw

You will all remember the Apple Store in Chicago , yes, that in the shape of a Macbook. Apparently, it suffers a design fault that would affect in cold weather.
During these days with really low temperatures , the carbon fiber roof of this store, is accumulating a large amount of snow that could be dangerous for pedestrians.
Not only that, some animal advocates have reported that the store's large windows, along with the lights inside, confuse the birds colliding with them.

The most beautiful and ambitious Apple Store

Apple Store Chicago
Apple introduced this new Apple Store in the month of October , very close to a river and perfectly integrated with the urban environment without contaminating its views.
The design flaw would be related to the carbon fiber roof (which is very reminiscent of a MacBook). This, does not have any de-icing system. The problem is so serious that they have had to cut some accesses and areas near the store.
The ceiling would be forming stalactites around the edge of it, being one of the most dangerous and bounded parts of the area. All this to preserve the safety of pedestrians and customers who come to this Apple Store.
This problem joins that of the birds that crash into the 10-meter-tall stained glass windows that surround the Apple Store in Chicago. These could be disoriented by the interior lights, directly impacting against them. Some birds appeared dead near the store.
Apple responded that they would dim the lights as much as possible to avoid these incidents in the Apple Store . On the accumulated ice, at the moment the only solution is to limit the area and wait for the storm to pass.

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