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Sunday, December 3, 2017

These are the most expensive apps on the App Store

The App Store is a very profitable business for both Apple and the companies and developers that publish their applications in it. Because of this, it is not surprising to see apps with a price slightly above normal , or "free" applications that end up charging your soul when you have been using them for a while.
However, we are not here to talk about common applications, no. In this article we are going to leave you the four most expensive applications that we can find in the App Store currently. Hold on tight that curves come!

iVIP Black

With this application you will have all your luxuries insured anywhere in the world you are traveling. iVIP Black will allow you to get the finest deal in any of the companiesaround the globe that are affiliated with this service.
Of course, all the benefits of this application come at a cost, and it is nothing more and nothing less than $ 999.99. And as if that were not enough, you have to have an equity of at least 1,000,000 pounds to be part of this society. Very easy.


This is a professional application for piano tuning . The company has been doing this for more than 20 years using different software, and after a three-year development, they have been able to launch the application for iOS.
The app itself costs 999.99 dollars, but after the first year we will have to make a payment of 79.99 dollars per year if we want to continue having all the benefits. If we do not, we can still use the basic version of the application.


With Ignition you can connect remotely to any computer with Windows or macOS operating system. In addition, you can also exchange different files between the connected devices.
This application has a cost of $ 999.99. In Europe we can find it for a price of 1099.99 euros .


In the United States, if you want to work as a real lawyer, you must first perform a fairly extensive test. Thanks to this application you can prepare for that exam as never before, but before, you will have to pay the not inconsiderable sum of $ 999.99.
The application itself is free , but if you want to have the tools that will help you prepare for the test, you will have to pay the amount mentioned above.

As you can see, the sky is the limit , and with this article the expression acquires a totally new meaning. If you thought that the App Store did not allow entry to such expensive applications, we regret disappointing you.
There is no doubt that, no matter where we go or where we are, there will always be those who can afford the price of these applications. There is more to see the reviews of some.

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