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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

They steal several iPhone X in the Sun Apple Store to bite

For three days, several minors stole several iPhone X and iPhone 8 in the Sun's Apple Store based on biting the security cables.
The alarms of the security cables did not jump to notify the security personnel. They suspect that the saliva would disable the alarms , so it was quite difficult to catch them infraganti.
The value exceeds 11,000 euros in the market , where they would have acted for 3 days to take all the loot.

It is not the first time that this type of theft occurs

In the Christmas campaign last year, they already knew about similar events, where a band was able to steal several terminals with a value of 23,000 euros .
In this case, several adults entertained the security staff with some kind of fuss, a perfect moment when the other members of the gang would bite the security cables at the other end of the store.
In the last known case, the National Police has been able to hunt down these criminals, but as they are minors, they will go to the Public Prosecutor's Office or the Juvenile Court, where the penalties are usually minimal.
These dates tend to be quite alarming at Apple stores, where robberies multiply with Christmas dates. A few days ago, we knew of another theft in an Apple Store in Valencia , specifically on Calle Colón.
This type of robberies are very difficult to detect at the moment they are being committed because they do not need any specific tool . Luckily, the security cameras record all their movements.
The latest known news about these criminals who stole iPhone bites in the Apple Store Sun is that they have been arrested and the Prosecutor's Office will decide their future.

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