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Monday, December 25, 2017

This Apple patent gives us more details of the autonomous driving it is developing

One of the most hidden plans of Apple is its new autonomous driving system that is developing, and although we know of its existence we have no knowledge of details about this project , as they have managed to keep it a secret. At first Cupertino had thought of designing a vehicle with its brand but have desisted from this attempt and have focused on designing autonomous driving technology and install it in vehicles of other brands. That is, from Apple design the brain of the car and the skeleton puts another brand. Today a patent has been unveiled that gives us an idea of ​​how it might work.

How will Apple's autonomous driving work?

We do not have any details about this project, except for the test vehicles that we have seen circulating in California to test the different sensors. We only have this proof that this project is underway, but we have no idea how it will work, although today we have seen a patent that can give us an idea of ​​this.
autonomous driving patent
In 2015 , a patent was filed in the United States that was related to autonomous driving. The scheme that you can see above this paragraph is the one we see in Apple's own patent, and explains how this technology will work.
As we see, we would use a learning system that we would learn from our manual driving. That is to say, it would register the conduction that we carry out by memorizing the routes that we are carrying out, and then they will be carried out autonomously, although always using the peripheral sensors that would incorporate the vehicles.
So, first we should make the journey, for example, to our work several times, and when we have traveled several kilometers, the system would have learned from it and could already do it autonomously. 
We do not know if this will be the original method that is being developed as it is a 2015 patent, and since Apple has not leaked any more information . Do you think we will see this technology in the future?
If you have any questions about the possible autonomous Apple car, you can watch the following video:

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