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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

This is the Chinese clone of the iPhone X with Android and a breakthrough price

It has been a short time since the iPhone X came on the market and the first copies have already been released in China with the device we have seen today called Leagoo S9, a device that has a price of 300 dollars , which aesthetically It is like the iPhone X but inside it does not have an iOS operating system but Android, and that gives quite the hit.

This is the clone of the iPhone X

If you want an Android terminal but with a body similar to Apple's latest release, the Leagoo brand is your choice, since the resemblance is incredible as you can see in the following image, with a double camera, although in the back as much as a fingerprint reader replacing the Face ID , so if you are not a fan of the facial recognition system, it may end up convincing you.
Leagoo S9 clone iPhone X
It has a screen of 5.85 inches AMOLED and as we said, with an almost infinite screen, leaving the Touch ID in the back to not break the styling of the terminal. Inside, we found a Mediatek P40 processor , a chip very similar to the Snapdragon 670, mid-range. It has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage . The rear camera is dual as you can see in the images and has two equal lenses of 16 Megapixels. 
The operating system is not iOS but it is Android , one of the big differences in the interior. The characteristics that we have given you before may end up changing, since this terminal is still in development because it has not been released yet. But surely in China it has a very good reception, being a strong rival for other brands, since the price they present is very succulent: less than 300 dollars.
For all the benefits it has as a double camera I think it's a pretty competent price, although I'm not so into the Android world. Leave us in the comments box what do you think of this terminal.

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