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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

This is the ideal way to stylize the "ears" of the iPhone X

Sincerely, I have been the first to criticize the design of the top frame of the iPhone X dedicated to the implementation of the TrueDepth camera and facial recognition functions. However, I understand perfectly those consumers who are satisfied with the new aspect of the terminal of the tenth anniversary. We've been waiting for a change for years!
The "notch" or upper front frame of the iPhone X creates a kind of "ears" on the OLED screen of the device . This controversial design has completely changed the way we use iOS 11. In fact, it has even integrated new tactile gestures .
Whether you like the new design of the iPhone X and its controversial "ears" , you will be interested to know that now there is a new way to enhance, stylize and show off the upper front frame of the iPhone X ...

How to style the "notch" of the iPhone X

Apple decided to remove Touch ID functionality in favor of Face ID facial recognition. The TrueDepth system needed additional space between the iPhone X hardware, and Apple had to integrate this "notch".
Now that we know why the upper front frame and the ears of the iPhone X are there, it's time to show it and customize it in an ideal way.
Hideaki Nakatani graphic designer, user @heyeased on Twitter, has created some funds very original screen stylize X ears iPhone Apple.
His new collection "Style X" will show you some of his best creations. It consists of a pack of wallpapers that share a very peculiar feature, have a thin border of different colors that highlights the lines of the upper front frame (the "notch") and the "ears" of the iPhone X. And, the truth, the result is quite interesting and much more stylized.
You can download the Hideaki Nakatani wallpapers from this web page , they are separated into different sections and are totally free .
And, well, if you still do not like the ears of your iPhone X ... you can always hide them with this customization trick .

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