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Sunday, December 31, 2017

This is what we expect from Apple during 2018

The year 2017 has been one of the most special for Apple in the last decade. Perhaps, the last year in which Apple really surprised everyone, was the 2010 with the launch of the first iPad. Before that, they presented the original iPhone, one of those historical moments that we will remember for a long time. Then they have launched the Apple Watch, a new Apple TV ... they have evolved their Macs, with more or less success. But what has really raised more expectations was a new iPhone that really was 100% of this post-Steve Jobs Apple , an iPhone whose design had nothing to do with the original iPhone, and with all the models that came later: iPhone XAll those iPhone models have improved every year, with better screens, biometric identification systems like Touch ID that really work well, speeds that rival a modern laptop or very high quality cameras. But they all drank basically of the same original concept . Then came the year 2017 and with it an almost all screen iPhone , again with an identification system that really works as Face ID, using facial recognition. There is no button on the front of the machine, which occupies the vast majority of a very good OLED screen, for the first time on an iPhone. For better and for worse, it is the first iPhone that forever changes the design lines of the original iPhone. For that reason this year 2017 has been very special for Apple .
Now, we must look forward, because the year 2018 is about to arrive, in a few hours. This is what we expect Apple to show us:

New iPhone almost all screen: The first evolution of the iPhone X

After the launch of the iPhone X, it is clear that Apple will present an evolution of this same machine, the first iteration of a totally new concept, as we said before, for the first time in ten years. Rumors say that Apple will present this year, in fact, up to three models of iPhone all screen , speculating with a size slightly larger than the current one and another much larger, a kind of Plus model of the current iPhone X, which reaches the 6.5 inches. No rumor indicates for now that Apple is going to redesign a new iPhone with Home button... and we all know that this company is one of those that go forward without looking back, except to remember Steve Jobs. So if you like the Home button and think you can not live without it takes to get an iPhone 8 when these new iPhones are presented, because probably this smartphone and its big brother the iPhone 8 Plus continue to be sold as the last year's models , as Apple usually does, leaving it as the last vestige of that original iPhone design for at least another year.
Design concept of the iPhone X Plus
Although there have been rumors that some of these new iPhones will not use an OLED screen to lower their price, we generally expect all new models to cost less than the iPhone X this year. Apple will have had a year to ensure all the necessary components to be able to manufacture it in a much larger volume, and if they do, it will allow to lower their cost.
It is possible that we will also see an iPhone SE with improved technical characteristics, perhaps with an A11, although it has not transcended anything about its design, or about whether it will be all screen . This new updated iPhone SE could see the light in the supposed event of presentation of new devices of March or April ... event that takes us to the next iOS product of the Apple catalog.

New iPad Pro

Probably, in that same event of March or April, we could see new models of iPad Pro whose CPUs are upgraded to a slightly faster version of the A11 Bionic , which is probably called A11X Bionic . Some rumors point to a launch in September 2018, extending the half year update cycle. It is possible that one of these iPads is also almost all screen, eliminating the upper and lower margins, and with them, the Home button. We do not know to what extent Apple might want to use Face ID on an iPad, but if we see that in the past has taken Touch ID to their tablets, it is the logical thing to think.
No rumors have been heard about what would happen to the normal iPad that Apple sells right now, with a 9.7-inch screen, at a lower price, and that it has been quite successful. It is possible that it is updated with a new processor, or that it remains the same as before, because after all Apple has done that with the iPhone SE, update it to some very good specifications for its year but then leaving it in catalog several years before to update it. They may use the same strategy for this cheaper iPad.

New Apple Watch

After the Apple Watch with LTE connection that Apple has released to the market this year we do not expect news until the end of 2018, but if there were, the truth is that probably what most people would demand is a new design that gives it a new look to the clock. That could be the most important point of sale of that hypothetical Apple Watch Series 4 ... remember that the Apple Watch is a fashion accessory , and as such is sold by Apple. In this type of devices, the design, its external appearance, is one of the most convincing points when deciding whether to buy or not.
Apple Watch series 3
As they have done with the design of the iPhone 6, with the Apple Watch they have been re-using the same aspect for three generations . The latest version has a touch of color, with a crown (wheel) accented with a striking red color, but apart from that, externally it is practically impossible to differentiate it from the first Apple Watch that Apple showed us in the Spring of 2015.


The smart speaker with built-in Siri will be one of the new releases of the year 2018. Companies that are Apple's main competitors such as Google or Amazon have taken the first step in this market niche, selling millions of speakers with its built-in assistant. Apple arrives a bit late this time, but as they say, arriving late does not mean that their speaker is not the best device of all that is on the market.
HomePod in black
This is what we all hope to find, although to achieve it, they will have to improve Siri's behavior a lot, and that really counts for a lot more things, because the assistant of Google and Alexa move very quickly, much more than Siri has improved in the last years.

Other accessories

We know that in 2018 there will be a wireless charging base that will allow charging the Apple Watch, an iPhone and a new AirPods in any position of the same, all at the same time, or independently. They have called it Powermat .
AirPower wireless charging platform
That brings us to the new AirPods, or rather, to the new charging and storage box, which will have a wireless charging system incorporated. It is likely that the headphones remain the same, and that it is possible to buy only the box if we already have a headset. Some rumors have spoken of an improvement in the headphones itself, but without specifying which exactly, so for now we see it unlikely. It is difficult to imagine how to improve current ones beyond giving them even greater autonomy.

New Macs

It is known that Apple is preparing a new Mac Pro to replace the current one in the form of a bin, or Darth Vader's helmet, however you want to think it
Mac Pro of the year 2013
During 2017 Apple has launched the iMac Pro, a version for professionals with very high performance processors among other improvements, and the Mac Pro will probably follow the same line, with a very important improvement over its predecessor; easy updates of its components . It is expected a modular design that allows to change CPU, GPU, SSD or RAM disk easily and quickly, out of an Apple Store. It is one of the toughest criticisms of the current Mac Pro, which Apple has not updated for too long for that reason. Finally, we may see, finally, a new Mac mini , a computer that Apple has completely abandoned since the end of 2014 and that many appreciate a lot for its design, size, versatility, etc.
In addition to those Macs, it is very likely that, like every year, Apple will update their MacBook and MacBook Pro with better central processors and CPUs. Their laptops never stop updating them, unlike the desktop computers, which in recent years have survived quite abused by the company. It is expected that with the Mac Pro also come new monitors from Apple, another device that has been abandoned in recent years, never updating its Cinema Display and promoting LG products, which also gave problems the first days of its release by not have been properly protected against interference from Wi-Fi networks generated from a nearby access point.

iOS 12

Of course, during WWDC 2018 we hope to see how iOS 12 will be , the evolution of iOS 11. For now, little is known about this version, beyond a rumor that indicates that iOS and MacOS apps could be unified in a single installation package, although it costs to imagine it. It is possible that Apple unify programming libraries between macOS and iOS but for now there are no more details on this aspect. iOS 12 is, now, an unknown.

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