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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

This would be a real dark mode on the iPhone X

iOS 11 was going to arrive predictably with a dark mode that we all wanted , but we were left with the desire, although there were many who invested the colors in iOS 11 to give this sensation in a dark way in the operating system but it did not go too well, because that there were small details that did not agree, and in the end, it was pretty bad.

Are you a lover of the dark way?

In iOS 12 Apple may sell it as a great novelty in the iPhone X, and a student of industrial design at the University of Northumbria in Britain has created a concept of how it would be the dark mode in the entire operating system of Apple, passing for all the native applications, as you can see in the following image.
Dark Mode Concept
With this dark mode what is achieved is an energy saving in terminals with OLED screen as is the case of the iPhone X. This is achieved because to represent black what is done is turn off the corresponding pixel, so it would not be consuming energy Will Apple deign to give the possibility to activate this mode in iOS 12?
The concept that this student has created has been pretty good the truth and makes you want to try it in our terminal whether you are a lover or not in this way, but it is always interesting to have different options for all users. 
All the work of this student can be found on this website, where you can see in detail each native application as it would be in this mode. Would you like to see it in future versions of the operating system? Leave your impressions in the comments box.

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