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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tim Cook forced to travel by private plane and doubles the salary in a year

Apple takes care of its CEO, Tim Cook, and it is not surprising because of its great importance. The highest cupola of the Cupertino company recognizes that it forces its CEO to carry out work and personal travel by private plane, as some of the US media have commented on today.

The salary of Tim Cook, a barbarity

The Securities Market Commission (SEC) today received a report detailing that this decision by the board of directors was made based on the safety of its CEO and making the trips very efficient to avoid losing time due to the great agenda that obviously has Tim Cook. Specifically, $ 93,000 has been spent on the trips of the CEO of Apple and $ 225,000 in personal security. 
Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple.
Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple. Photo taken from TIME magazine.
Along with these data we have also been able to be aware of how much Tim Cook charges, something that is always very questioned. The salary that has been known is 12.8 million dollars per year which would change to 10.7 million euros , being one of the highest paid CEO in the world, increasing his salary more than double compared to last year (note that the benefits are increasing).
Other income that Tim Cook has had are the stock packages that we are used to seeing with this public figure from Apple. In total has received in this fiscal year shares of Apple worth 89 million dollars, which in euros are 74.8 million euros. 
This increase in salary is the most shocking and also the most controversial, it is due to the record in income that they have had this year, and it seems that they have decided to celebrate it by raising their salary a little more, almost double.
All the problems that the company is currently facing, such as the accusation that the iPhone is slowing down with the passage of time, have not resulted in a salary reduction, if not the opposite.

So, here is resolved the big question of many people, Tim Cook charges a year 12.8 million dollars (10.7 million euros). Leave me in the comments box what you think about this topic.

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