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Sunday, December 31, 2017

WhatsApp falls again on New Year's Eve and New Year, so as not to lose the habit

End of the year, and of course, people do not stop congratulating this new year using instant messaging services, WhatsApp being the most used service in the world , which has stopped working unfortunately as is traditional throughout the year, since there have been many falls in service that have given us in this year 2017. And could not miss the typical fall at the end of the year by the large number of messages sent to congratulate these dates so marked.

WhatsApp falls again on New Year's Eve

If you are trying to send a message through this social network you will see that it does not leave your device because it is down, although we do not know if at a global level, for now we can confirm that it is at the level of Spanish territory.
WhatsApp Icon
This fall has not been reported by WhatsApp , and it seems that they have not been prepared for these dates so indicated and in Spain before entering the new year the service has already fallen. This is due to the fact that in different countries they have already entered the new year and that is why we think that the servers have not been able to hold on.
On Twitter do not stop increasing the tweets referring to this fall , this being a great detector to know if it is down, and it is time to rescue other applications such as Telegram that is working perfectly for what we have been able to verify.
We will be attentive to see if they return to restore service, although we hope that they are already working so that on this important date people will not be left without being able to congratulate their closest and wish him the best for this 2018. As soon as you start receiving the typical congratulations you will know that it has returned to normal and we will see if at 00:00 it falls again (if the service is restored). Leave us in the comments box what do you think of this new fall.

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