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Friday, December 22, 2017

Would you like to see a MacBook with a touch screen and keyboard?

Apple has repeatedly said that we will never see a Mac with a touch screen as we see in other laptops of different brands that carry Windows. But, we can dream of it with different concepts like the one we have seen on the web  HandyAbovergleich  where we see a Mac with a touch screen and also a touchpad and a huge trackpad that would occupy the entire bottom of the keyboard.

Will we see a MacBook like that?

Steve Jobs said he would never bet on a vertical touch screen as we see in some laptops because it can not be used for a long time to be uncomfortable to use being ergonomically terrible, in the words of the founder of Apple.
The chief designer of Apple, Jony Ive also said that Apple had rejected this idea many years ago, this statement is amplified by Phil Schiller with the following words:
Apple came to this conclusion by testing whether the touch screens made sense on the Mac. Our instincts were no, but what the heck, we could be wrong, so our teams worked on this several times over several years. . We have come out absolutely convinced with the belief that it is not the right thing to do. Our instincts were correct. 
Touch MacBook
But even if Apple does not want to include this technology in their laptops, dreaming is free and in this concept we see a totally touch screen and adjusted to the edges , being very beautiful, everything has to be said. The keyboard of this concept is also tactile with OLED technology, which allows to have the keyboard itself or change it for example by a drawing board to use an Apple Pencil and make professional drawings.
If you think that the trackpad of the MacBook Pro 2017 is huge, then this will seem a bit silly because it occupies the entire bottom of the touch keyboard, something that I am not very clear about its functionality.

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