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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Xiaomi will not be able to use the MY PAD brand in Europe

Xiaomi tried to register the name MY PAD in Europe, where Apple filed a complaint to avoid it.
The General Court of the European Union has agreed with Apple and Xiaomi will not be able to use that name for its electronic equipment.
The decision of the TEU (European Union Court) is simple, the commercial name can confuse users .

Xiaomi can appeal

In a period of two months, Xiaomi will be able to make an appeal of cassation to try to use the name MY PAD in their devices, specifically in a tablet aesthetically very similar to the iPad.
The TUE affirms that the phonetics of both brands and the Chinese reproduction on the iPad brand, is very similar to that used by Apple on its tablet. With which, it gives the reason to the complaint filed by Apple.
Xiaomi is known for its early inspiration inspired by Apple, both in the devices and in the names of their teams. Now he has landed in Spain , but not with all the products he has in his catalog, only a small part of them.
In China, it is a very protected brand, but outside of its borders, the expansion is complicated, as is the case of MI PAD , where it shares a strong similarity with Apple's iPad.
The TUE alleges that the risk of confusion between both brands is of medium degree, in addition to a high degree in the phonetics of the prefix "MI" used by Xiaomi and the "i" of Apple for your iPad.
So for now, a chapter in Apple is closed against the battle of Xiaomi, where currently, you can not use the trade name MY PAD in Europe, but still has enough time to appeal.

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