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Monday, December 4, 2017

Yes, iOS 11.2 improves the battery of the iPhone

This weekend we have been thoroughly testing iOS 11.2 to thoroughly test the performance of the battery . The results have been very satisfactory.
The iPhone in which we have tested it has been an iPhone X and an iPhone 5s . In both, the performance has been quite superior to the previous versions of iOS 11.
In the case of the iPhone X, the tests have lasted 48 hours , from Saturday morning, until dawn on Sunday, with positive results and very similar.

Now the battery can stand a day without problems

Normally, we finished the day with a 20% battery making an intense use. This weekend, on both days, we finished with a 40% battery in our main device.
In the case of the iPhone 5s , the results have been positive , but not as much as those of Apple's latest flagship. We have noticed a considerable increase of battery, enough for a working day with a moderate use.
The tests we have done on the iPhone X has been the use of GPS, areas with little coverage 4G, video recording, brightness to the top, games, Bluetooth connection enabled and sharing the Internet to several devices for a few hours.

Problematic applications

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter consume excessive mobile data
Honoring the truth, we have removed the Facebook application a  few days before. A quite problematic application with the battery of our devices. For the use of Facebook, we have entered through Safari and used the "Page Manager" application.
In addition to not making use of powerful games, such as GRID AutoSport , a game that needs many resources and consumes more battery than normal. But others like Duet , a game that we recommend in NewCydiaTweaks.
That is a fact that must be taken into account, many applications may have some kind of problem with background resources , as it happened with YouTube a few days ago , so it is important to control it to verify if the problem is iOS itself or from a specific application.

More than a full day

On Saturday, we disconnected the iPhone from the charger at 8:30 in the morning, while on Sunday it was at 09:30. Both tests lasted until 01:00 in the morning. In the first case, we finish the full day with 30% of battery , while on Sunday, with 40% .
Of course, they are just 48 hours of testing, but the sensations have been really positive. iOS 11.2 finally seems to correct the serious issues of battery autonomy (at least in the newer Apple models), while in the older, we noticed an improvement , although less.

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