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Thursday, December 7, 2017

You can now synchronize the text replacement in iOS and macOS

Thanks to the substitution of texts , we can abbreviate a complete word or phrase to save time when writing them.
Despite his kindness, there was a problem. It could not be synchronized (there were many problems) between several computers, whether they were iOS or macOS .
Now by magic and thanks to CloudKit , our keywords will be synchronized without any problem and without doing anything at all.

Replacing text in iOS or macOS

Replacement iPad sync text
For those who do not know this function, replacing the text allows us to abbreviate a word or phrase to save time. Also to replace a text with a specific symbol.
This is really useful for when you have to repeat the same text several times. For example, if you have to answer too many times with the same solution, you can type "; Resp" and it will automatically be replaced by a default answer.
In iOS , we can find it in: Settings / General / Keyboards / Substitution of the text.
In maOS it is also quite easy to access, simply go to: System preferences / Keyboard / Text.
From now on, when you add some text, it will be synchronized with the other devices in your iCloud account without any problems.
It is true that before, the synchronization functionality was active, but it worked very hard, it was practically a lottery that any modification appeared on all devices. There were many synchronization problems, but with the latest update of macOS High Sierra, it has been fixed.
All thanks to CloudKit, where these problems are finally solved. So there is no need to resort to third-party applications to replace texts and synchronize with all your Apple computers.

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