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Saturday, January 13, 2018

A new light, the new Apple video on YouTube

Apple's new video on its YouTube channel comes to show us how to use Portrait mode with studio-quality lighting effects.
In order to make this effect, Apple focuses on the iPhone X, but you can use another compatible iPhone . Both with the front camera and the rear camera.
As always, short, direct and very simple videos . With this new video on the YouTube channel of Apple, Apple wants to show us the benefits of this effect that with good light conditions, we will have a spectacular result.

Apple shows it to us on YouTube

In order to perform these effects, we simply have to open the Camera app, slide your finger to the desired Portrait mode, find the yellow four and touch the shooting button. As simple as that, it has no greater mystery.
The app will help us with information in real time so that we can get the best possible image with a series of suggestions. If we are very far or near , you will let us know with messages on the screen.
Thanks to the True Tone flash  , we will have the opportunity to take pictures with low lighting with a less aggressive light tone than a normal flash, since it combines warm and cold colors to offer a natural tone.
IPhone Portrait Mode Apple YouTube
Currently we have five modes of portraits available , each with a very interesting effect, especially the portrait mode "monkey stage light". This effect is able to profile the subject and eliminate any background that is behind it.
The results are surprising , especially when you show it to a friend or family member for the first time and check in situ how they have been immortalized in a moment with the camera of our iPhone.
With this new video from Apple on their YouTube channel , they want to show us how easy it is to make a spectacular photo with few resources (to say nothing) and from anywhere.

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