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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

According to TrendForce, Face ID technology will substantially improve

We are already in 2018 and the analysts do not rest and continue to offer data and forecasts of how the different technology companies will behave throughout this new year, and how they have done it in 2017. This time it was the TrendForce analysts who that they have released a report that has collected 9to5mac , where it is stated that during the past year Apple produced almost a billion and a half units , an absolute barbarity. In addition, they have also dropped that the Face ID technology will go to the best where we hope to solve all the problems, which although mild, are being presented in some users. 

Face ID would improve even more this year

That they do not grow substantially is not a reason not to sell more iPhone since according to TrendForce it will be like that, and also a data something worrisome for the people of Samsung who foreseeably see their phone sales fall in 2018 according to these analysts.
The data that is giving us from TrendForce are not official because until next month we will not see the economic results of the hand of Apple itself, although they believe that iPhone production would have increased by 3% in 2017 with respect to 2016 and this production can be increased up to 7.5% thanks to the launch of a second generation of the iPhone SE. 
According to TrendForce this 2018 we will see a much more advanced technology in the iPhone with an improvement of the Face ID and a frontal with more screen yet,besides predicting that the second generation of the iPhone SE will be launched. Specifically, this is what we can read:
The new iPhone in 2018 will continue to improve the Face ID technology, the body relationship screen, etc. On the other hand, the company plans to increase the content of the memory and incorporate the AMOLED screen in two of its models. In order to meet the demand of different market ranges, Apple will launch the second generation of iPhone SE, which targets the mid-range segment.
They have also talked about Samsung that would have grown 3% this year, but would see its sales decreased by 3% in 2018, although it does not abandon the position of leader of the sector, although obviously the competition and not only of Apple do in the end nick.

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