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Monday, January 15, 2018

All apps that have night mode version

Having a night mode in our applications has become a must have for most users. So much so that even its inclusion in iOS 11, but unfortunately the system would come without this feature.
Thanks to this night mode that we find in many of the apps we use, we avoid damaging our eyes too much, besides spending less battery on devices that have OLED screens. If you want more applications that have this functionality, in this article we will show you all the apps that have it included.
Apps with night mode
Darkmode list is a website where we can see all the existing apps that have night mode integrated into your system, for the benefit of the user. This mode is quite useful, especially when we just wake up or have to use the device in low light conditions.
If you want to know what these apps are , click here to go to the page. There are many of the best known, but there are others that you may have never tried.

They are more than 50

The list has more than 50 applications added, and some that add up every so often. Among the most known apps that we can find in the list we have:


Opera Mini




Although you probably already have all these apps downloaded to your terminal, we have left the links below each one in case you do not have it and want to take a look.
The night mode is becoming more and more essential , and we hope that Apple will finally integrate it into iOS 12, so that we can all enjoy it.

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