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Friday, January 26, 2018

All the new features of iOS 11.3 Beta 1

As usual, Apple will introduce in the spring a major update of its operating system for iPhone and iPad. iOS 11.3 was launched yesterday only for developers, and comes loaded with news and promises made by Apple in the presentation of iOS 11 that we had not yet seen.

Main novelties of iOS 11.3

In this article we will review all the news we have discovered in iOS 11.3 Beta 1, although we are sure that there is still more of what we are seeing and that Apple will be launching in upcoming betas.
At the moment, this is what the first beta of iOS 11.3 offers.

Messages in iCloud

This is one of the promises that Apple had not fulfilled even from the presentation of iOS 11, the power to integrate the Message App with iCloud.
The advantages of integrating messages with iCloud are many, to begin with we will have a permanent backup of all our chats with this App, In addition, any change we make on any device will be reflected at the moment in others.
Once you install iOS 11.3, the first time you open the application you will be asked for permission to use iCloud with messages, if you accept it will be synchronized immediately with the Apple cloud.
We do not know very well what problems Apple has had to not integrate this option before, but it is certainly welcome.

New Animojis

Apple will take advantage of iOS 11.3 to increase the number of Animojis, in particular we will have 4 more available; a dragon, a new bear, a skull and a funny lion.
New Animojis OS 11.3
Obviously, this novelty will only be available to owners of an iPhone X.

Now you can order comments from the App Store

If there was one thing that I did not like about the new App Store, it was the way I showed you the comments of the users. Almost always disordered, many too old ... In short, a little disaster.
Well that ended with iOS 11.3, since it lets you order comments as you want.
When you are watching an App and you get to the comments section you just have to touch on the option See all and then touch on Sort by most useful (What is the option that you will see by default). When you do this you will see a dropdown like the one in the screenshot above so you can choose to see the comments as you want.

Application updates with more information

From the update to iOS 11, when entering the Apps updates tab we only saw the applications that had a new version, but nothing else.
With iOS 11.3 we will also see the version to which we are going to update and the weight of this update.

The procedure to buy Apps with the iPhone X is now clearer

To download any App on the iPhone we will need to authenticate with the Face ID, to avoid that we can download applications accidentally the Face ID is temporarily disabled when we click on the button to download the application. To activate it again we have to press the power button twice in a row, something that was indicated by an animation on the screen, right next to it.
This process seems quite simple, but actually led to confusion, especially in new users, many what they did was to touch the screen twice instead of pressing the button. To avoid this misunderstanding Apple has added another animation on the purchase confirmation screen.

Game Center

Not you, but I like to enter the games that support Game Center and see how I get the game in relation to the scores of my friends. Since Apple eliminated the iPhone application the truth is that it is much more complicated to manage your list of friends.
With iOS 11.3, if we enter the Game Center section in the iPhone settings we can eliminate the friends we want. With previous versions of iOS we could only eliminate all our friends at a stroke, with this new version we can be more selective and eliminate only those who do not want to be there.

Shopping with Family Using Face ID

If you have a familiar iTunes account and an iPhone X, you may have already realized that you could not use Face ID when a member of your family asked you for confirmation to buy an application. With iOS 11.3 this is over, you can now use the authentication method of iPhone X to give download permission.

More features to be included in future Betas

There are new features of iOS 11.3 that, despite having been publicized and confirmed by Apple, are not yet in this beta, the following features will come at some point before the official release of the next operating system of the iPhone or iPad.

More information about our device's battery

If there is something that has brought queue in recent times is the issue of slowing down on the iPhone with spent batteries. Apple promised to give us more information about the status of our battery in future updates and this will come with iOS 11.3.
Battery iPhone
Information on the battery can be found in Settings / Battery. We do not know very well what kind of information will be given, if it will simply let the user know if the battery is in good condition or not, or if we can even know the load cycles consumed by our devices.
What we do have clear is that Apple will allow users to choose between device speed or stability once the battery is damaged and the speed drop is activated automatically.
We can choose, although Apple already advises not to deactivate this function ...

Chat for companies

This will be a feature that will come in Beta once iOS 11.3 is released for everyone. Business chat will allow you to communicate with known business representatives. In the USA, this novelty will be supported by companies such as Discover, Hilton, Lowe or Wells Fargo.
IOS 11.3 business chat
It is not clear if this new feature will reach the whole world or if on the contrary it will be limited to countries like the USA.

More music videos on Apple Music 

We already have music videos on Apple Music, but it's certainly not the main feature of Apple's music service.
According to Apple itself with iOS 11.3 Apple Music will be the home of music videos. It seems that audio visual content will gain a lot of weight and Apple Music users will be able to create full playlists in this format.
Can Apple Music make some shade to YouTube with this new feature? Only time will tell.

Release date of iOS 11.3

Apple has not given a specific release date of iOS 11.3, but what it has said is that it will be in the spring, therefore we know that the period of beta versions will be very extensive, will cover all February and most of March , since spring begins on March 21.
There is a lot of waiting time in between and also enough time for Apple to test its software enough so that this is the stable that we all expect.
At the moment Apple has only released a beta for developers, although it is very possible that in a few days launch a public beta that everyone can enjoy.

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