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Monday, January 15, 2018

Apple calls for calm saying that only slowed down the iPhone

Apple clarifies that the slowdown of the devices, only affects the iPhone . The MacBook, iPad or Apple Watch would not have suffered any kind of slowdown.
The response to this action that was hidden from the customers was to preserve the proper functioning of the same avoiding spontaneous restarts due to batteries degraded by use.
In South Korea, Apple faces a class action lawsuit of more than 370,000 users . As a quick response, Apple applied a limited discount on battery replacement to mitigate the problem of this slowdown.

Only the iPhone was slowed down by updates

iOS 10
In a document updated by Apple, they claim that since iOS 10.2.1 released in January 2017, it includes a system to prevent spontaneous reboots in older devices . This feature was extended to other newer terminals such as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with iOS 11.2.
Apple clarifies that this feature only affects smartphones with a single purpose, to preserve good performance. The other devices should not present this problem that has caused such a stir in recent weeks:
"The only function of this feature is to avoid unexpected stops so that the iPhone can continue to be used. This power management feature is specific to the iPhone and does not apply to any other Apple product. "
This feature, as Apple calls it, made many users believe that their terminals reached their useful life to continue performing fluently , updating their smartphones with the sole purpose of having a good user experience.
Apple has not provided any additional information on why this feature only affects its terminals and not other consumer devices, such as iPads. In GSMArena, they have their own theory , where they believe that the bigger batteries and the consumption habits, would delay this problem that we are living in the iPhone. Although it could at some time.
During 2018, Apple applied a reduction in the replacement of batteries for a reduced price of 29 euros for each smartphone. In some countries , the stock has already begun to have serious delays , especially in the iPhone 6 Plus model , where the waiting time is extended until March or April.

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