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Friday, January 5, 2018

Apple faces more than 23 lawsuits for slowing down its oldest iPhone

One of the controversies with which Apple closed last year was to slow down their older iPhone that had the battery worn silently. This will last in 2018, since they have open more than two dozen demands around the world for this case , for not revealing the method of managing the performance of the iPhone from iOS 10.2.1. That is, it is not demanded because the battery is worn down (which is logical to wear), it is demanded to hide its policy of slowing down. 

Apple will have to face numerous demands for its opaque policy

The great majority of demands are in the US , but also France and Israel One of these demands of Sullivan-Stefn that says the following:
Without the knowledge of the owners of an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6s, Apple with the iOS 10.2.1 code deliberately reduced the processing performance of these phones by linking the processing performance of each unit with the state of the battery inserted. Absent the code introduced by Apple, the reduced battery capacity of these phones would not have a negatively affected processing performance.
Battery of an iPhone 7.
Battery of an iPhone 7.
These demands are for Apple to end by compensating users with free battery replacement programs and that in iOS, more information is provided regarding the state of the battery and how they manage the performance of the iPhone, depending on how the battery is doing. that moment.
And it should be highlighted what I said yesterday. Many defend Apple saying that it is logical to wear the batteries and have to change them every X time, how we change the oil to a car or air filters. But, with the car comes a manual that tells you when you should make this change and the consequences of if you do not. 
What happens in Apple? That this does not happen. With the arrival of iOS 10.2.1 , where this new way of managing the performance of the iPhone was introduced in relation to the state of the battery, nothing was said at all . This is what is criticized, the opacity with which they have treated users, until an expert released several tests that warned of this echo. Another complaint, this one from Honigman says the following:
Effectively, Apple has accelerated the programmed obsolescence of the iPhone in secret by decreasing its performance. Therefore, Apple's acknowledgment of such an echo has confirmed what iPhone users have long suspected - namely, that Apple deliberately degrades the performance of older iPhone models through iOS updates to animate to users to buy new iPhone.

We must see how they end up solving these demands and how it will affect Apple, but what is clear that the policy of the company in Cupertino must change radically to offer a quality service.

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