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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Apple filed a complaint against a French activist association

Last December, some Apple Store in France were occupied by an activist association that denounced the tax evasion by Apple.
Californians want justice to prevent them from entering their shops to avoid further altercations, in addition to requesting a claim of 150,000 euros in case the restriction is infringed.
The lawyer of the association Attac , believes that this measure is disproportionate, where refers to the freedom of expression and freedom of expression guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights.

They denounce Apple's tax evasion

Attac association decided to denounce these practices for not paying taxes in France, but in a very peculiar way, going to several stores to occupy them and stating that "Apple pays its fine of 13,000 million euros for tax evasion and agrees to pay the part of taxes that corresponds to him in the countries where he really carries out his activities ".
On the part of the spokesman of Attac, the complaint of Apple only tries to muzzle them and divert attention from their fraudulent actions. They point out that that would be the main reason why they want to silence them.
The company led by Tim Cook defends itself by referring to the security and imminent risk of new actions by activists in their stores, which would devalue the brand and put the safety of its workers and customers at risk.
Attac said that the occupations would be repeated until Apple fulfilled its tax obligations in France. For that reason, they  want to prohibit the entrance to this association, to avoid new altercations in the future.
Apple was sanctioned with a fine of 13,000 million euros on August 30 by the European Commission, where they claim they received illegal aid from Ireland. Main reason why the  activist association Attac occupied some stores in France .

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