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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Apple highlights in a new video the quality of selfies on the iPhone X

Apple today shared a new video on its YouTube channel, where it shows us a series of selfie photos that have been taken with an iPhone X. The objective of this video is to take full advantage of the quality of the FaceTime camera of the flagship of Apple and the quality of the photographs you can have.

Apple highlights the iPhone X camera in a new video

The video has a duration of 38 seconds and shows a series of photographs taken with the Portrait mode of the front camera of the iPhone X. In the background in this video we can listen to a series of poems by Muhammed Ali. 
We see photos going through all the generations of age. We can see that from Cupertino are submerged in producing a series of videos to highlight the characteristics of the iPhone X in order to get it through the eyes of users to the low demand that seems to have been according to various analysts. 
We see that the photographs made by the iPhone X are very good, and especially those that are selected by Apple itself, performed safely in a controlled environment. Where the camera really matters is day to day. On our YouTube channel, remember that we made a comparison of cameras so that you can see yourselves photographs taken on the street with an iPhone X and its maximum competitor. 
Leave us in the comments box what do you think of the front camera of Apple's flagship

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