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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Apple Pay Cash begins to reach users in Spain

Apple Pay Cash begins to be available for users in Spain, arriving in a quite silent way since it has been truly a surprise when we have arrived at the wording different screenshots of a user who had managed to activate this service after getting into Messages and Leave a notice that you could already set up Apple Pay Cash. Note that this user is in iOS 11.2.1 and not in a beta.

Apple Pay Cash is already in Spain

iOS 11.2 came with Apple Pay Cash but only for the US, although it was present in all devices with this version of iOS, Apple having to activate it when the test in the US ended and it seems that they are already starting to activate it in the different terminals, although say that most users we have asked have confirmed that they do not have the option to activate Apple Pay Cash but this user has given us the information if it has been activated. This means that in the coming hours will be opening the range to other users who are in iOS 11.2.
Apple Pay Cash
The configuration system is quite simple. In addition to obviously accepting the conditions you must also photograph your ID by both sides and enter your social security number l. Basically what we do when we want to open an account in a bank. When doing this, we will have in Wallet the card that we can go recharging to proceed to send money using Messages.
As I mentioned, Apple Pay Cash will allow us to send money using the Messaging application to our acquaintances who also have activated this service. This functionality replaces applications like Bizum that allow us to do the same. Now, if you go out with your friends and you have to put part of your dinner you just have to send an iMessage with the iPhone or Apple Watch itself. Now, if you are going to send money to someone through Messaging and you do not have the service activated, the app will obviously not let you use Apple Pay Cash.
Your friend when receiving the message with the money, will be added to your virtual card that you can reimburse in your bank account , basically how PayPal works. We must wait to see if it ends up activating for all users in Spain in the next few hours or days, and of course, we will tell you about our experience with this new service.

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