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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Apple plans to improve the US economy and create jobs

We know that Apple has been around for a while, more specifically before the launch of the iPhone X , in becoming the first American firm to exceed the trillion dollars in market capitalization, something to which they have been getting closer and closer. It is impressive that a company can have the GDP that has a whole country as is the case of Mexico, 1 trillion dollars, and even closer to that of our country because the GDP of Spain is 1.12 trillion . Apple now plans to improve the US economy as such and create jobs in addition to a new campus and all this in just the next 5 years.

Apple and United States hand in hand

The strategy and plan that will mark the Cupertino brand to carry this out is based on contributing 350,000 million dollars to the US economy in 5 years and once this goal is achieved several things have been created that will also benefit to the country as such, 20,000 new jobs and above a new headquarters for Apple in some other part of North America. There is no doubt that despite all the controversy and demands for the issue of the battery of the iPhone the apple continues to evolve at an enormous speed.

To be able to carry out this increase of staff of 20,000 people Apple will invest about 30,000 million dollars as this process not only bears the cost of the salary of workers, but also the creation of new official stores, more factories and more centers that belong to the California firm where they can have a large number of employees.
Walk between Tim Cook and the CEO of IBM
Undoubtedly the apple is one of the fundamental pillars of the American economy as well as being a respectable brand with almost all groups because we already know that Tim Cook confessed to being gay several years ago. In short, as Apple evolves as a company , the economy of the country will do so.

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