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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Apple plans to present three new Mac with its own coprocessors and a new iPad in the fall

Apple would be planning to launch three new Macs with proprietary coprocessors this year, such as the T2 chip they have included in the iMac Pro or the T1 chip that they released in the MacBook Pro 2016. This information has been given today by the renowned Bloomberg media , which has also named a new iPad that will be presented predictably in autumn, and not in March as pointed out by some rumors.

New Mac in 2018?

In the note of Bloomberg it is detailed that from Cupertino they are working concretely in two new portable and a new model of desk, that could correspond to already mentioned Mac Pro, that will have the peculiarity of being modulable.
As far as laptops are concerned, we already talked about another rumor that said it would not be an important update, because they would be making a change in the assembly lines of this device , so we would not see a design change, but if the internal components updating them to this year.
Of the two new laptops that we could see this 2018 one would be the replacement for the MacBook Air, a new MacBook Retina 13 " , a new model of introduction to the Mac world, and intended for those who do not perform tasks that require high performance.
In this note they mention that they will incorporate an Apple coprocessor. The first generation of these coprocessors included in the MacBook Pro 2017 manages the TouchBar and the Touch ID. The second generation in the iMac Pro has basically security functions.
It seems that since Cupertino they want to incorporate more components of their own signature. That is why the department assigned to these chips would be increasing its staff by attracting former Qualcomm engineers . The final goal of Apple seems to be totally independent of other companies and design their band chips, leaving aside Qualcomm or Intel. This for the users could suppose a reduction in the price.

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