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Friday, January 12, 2018

Apple promotes freemium applications on the App Store

The applications with the freemium business model have been with us for quite some time. Today Apple has dedicated a space in the App Store.
This model will be very familiar for example with games that are apparently free but then, to be able to advance you have to pay out infinite micropayments in gems, coins or other similar things.
Of course, there are many variants of all of them. The least harmful and that really benefits users is without a doubt is that they offer services like Netflix .
In this business model, you can try the service for a month completely free and then pay a flat rate to see all the contents through a monthly subscription.

No, the freemium model are not demos

Innovationmarketing image
This business model that has been transferred to applications, is relatively new, specifically in 2006, is where it began to become popular . This idea, applied to the App Store, replaces the barriers that the user had when downloading an application without being able to test it before.
Currently, in Europe we enjoy 14 days to return an application if we are not satisfied with what was promised, if it was an erroneous purchase or simply because it does not meet our expectations.
If we abuse the returns, Apple usually restricts that access to customers , where it forces them to accept a document in which they promise never to return the application, if they do not accept it, they will not be able to continue downloading paid applications.
Freemium integrated purchases
With the permission of Wikipedia , we can read the words of Freed Willson, a capitalist who popularized this business model that has managed to boost revenues to thousands of developers and companies:
"Offer your service for free, possibly supported by advertising but maybe not, acquire many customers through word of mouth, through recommendations and referrals, search engine marketing, etc., and then offer paid services of added value or an enhanced version of its service to its customer base. "
In the case of the applications that Apple offers in the App Store with this business model, we must thank the (quite clear) implementation of information  about the payments we must make if we unlock all the services offered by an app.

The freemium model, interesting but dangerous

Freemium Candy
Image iMore
With the title "TRY SOMETHING NEW" , Apple encourages us to "This year, try something new (and free)", highlighting some applications through different categories such as entertainment, health and fitness, children, leisure, welfare and learning and productivity.
The freemium model , which we insist is not a demo, is quite interesting for us, the consumers. But it can also lead to a very serious danger if we find applications or games that do not have a limit of purchases and that are necessary to advance in it.
An example of this is Candy Crash Saga with "the Zeigarnik effect". In the ABC newspaper they explain it to us quite well, where they tell us that "According to this theory, incomplete tasks" hook "in our minds until we resolve them satisfactorily."

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