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Friday, January 26, 2018

Apple will renew the iBooks application to compete again with Amazon

In the beta of iOS 11.3 that we saw yesterday and that we are already testing in our terminals we realized that the iBooks application lost that "i" at the beginning,which leads us to think that Apple has big plans for This application is something forgotten to compete with the giant of this sector of electronic books, Amazon, with his Kindle.
Since Bloomberg have been pronounced about it and specifically Mark Gurman, one of the most well-known analysts for guessing enough predictions. According to Mark Gurman Apple will completely renew the iBooks application later this year with an important redesign adding the "Reading now" tab, and a completely independent section for the audiobooks as well as a new interface of the store inspired by the design of the App Store.

Books, a new bet by Apple for the electronic book

The first step has been the change of name that we can already see in the beta of iOS 11.3 although we have not seen any significant change in the aesthetic theme. What we do know is that the book store will end up known as the Apple Books Store. 
Specifically in Bloomberg the following changes are defined:
The new application, which will be published in the coming months, will include a simpler interface that better highlights the books currently being read and a redesigned digital book store that looks more like the new app store launched last year. according to people familiar with its development. The application renewed in the test includes a new section called read now and a tab dedicated to audio books, said sources close to the development.
The Apple Books team has also been redesigned so that new people entering this stage of development come up with new ideas. The goal of the Cupertino company: surpass Amazon , or make it a little more difficult existence.
If it is true that we have this application on our iPhone or iPad but we do not get any kind of benefit (most of the users ) because they have not sold it at all well . Now users may if the app has features similar to the Kindle are inclined to buy an economical iPad and not acquire Apple's e-book. But it is necessary to know how to sell it.

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