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Friday, January 12, 2018

Apps and free games for iPhone and iPad, only today!

Everything arrives and now, without eating or drinking, we have planted on Friday. We all change our face when we see that it is time to leave the office, close the books and dedicate ourselves a little to ourselves, friends or family.
For that reason, and to celebrate the start of the weekend, we leave you with the best applications and games that are paid and that only today are free . Do you want to know what they are? Well, join us to discover them, today photography lovers are in luck.

Audrey -best snapchat filters

Selfies do not stop being fashionable and with this application, which can be controlled by the voice , you will not stop surprising others. Also, varying the ISO, obturation or white balance will have incredible results.


There are pictures that when you make them say a lot, but if you pass through this app you can give them a second chance. Converts any photograph into a mosaic with a greater or lesser degree of abstraction. The results are very nice to see, do not stop downloading it!

Torres you're flying with surprise

Curious name of this game, in which you will have to defend your tower from an army of orcs, elves, dwarves and other fantasy characters . If aesthetic games go between dark and medieval, you should not lose sight of this,

Sketch Me!

Many times you would like to become a fantasy character and be a cartoon. It's already possible with Sketch Me! It has a huge palette of possibilities to pass your photos to fun and artistic creations . Only today will be free, so take advantage.
Remember that every day we bring the best in terms of applications and payment games that happen to be free for a few hours, so be sure to visit us to take them directly to your iPhone or iPad .

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