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Monday, January 15, 2018

Astro Mail: that the Artificial Intelligence take care of your mail

Keeping our mail box in order is a task that gets more complicated every day. If you are like us who subscribe to everything they see on the Internet, then you must be desperate to get rid of those subscription emails that make you gray.
With Astro, this incredible tool to manage our email, you will not have to worry anymore . This app also has Artificial Intelligence, something that makes it almost necessary for all our devices.

Welcome to Astro

With Astro, your mailbox becomes much smarter . With this app you can postpone emails, post reminders, and check your emails depending on the importance of each of them. In addition, you can synchronize the application with many of the email services that currently exist, such as Outlook or Gmail.
However, none of these is the main reason why users download Astro. The nerve center of this application is nothing more and nothing less than its Artificial Intelligence. A small robot named Astro will be in charge of guiding us through the application, in addition to fulfilling our orders and executing their own based on our behavior.

That AI take care of everything

The way we will communicate with Astro will be through a chat window. From there, we can give you orders that will be fulfilled in the blink of an eye, such as deleting unimportant emails or placing reminders to others that we have to send later.
The application will also detect which inboxes you most usually check, and which are the emails that matter most to show them first when you enter the application, without having to dig through the multiple folders of your email.


Astro is one of those applications that you try once and you get hooked by the amount of things that they offer you. Today we have our mail made a real disaster, and here comes the Artificial Intelligence to put some order on the matter.
If you are tired of manually managing your inbox, this is the perfect application for you. With Astro, all these processes become more automatic than before.

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