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Thursday, January 4, 2018

AT&T says that the authentic 5G will start operating by the end of 2018

The connection of broadband and coverage in our phones is one of the features that has evolved least over time, although lately this is progressing faster and faster since in less than a decade we had already moved from the 3G connection to the 4G which is much higher than the previous one and that needs much less resources to fulfill the function that is required, but something that is being talked about lately more than before is, without a doubt, about the 5G and AT & T He says we'll see him arrive by the end of 2018.

The 5G is coming

iPod touch 5G Extraction Camera iSight
AT & T is a US telecommunications company as it can be any of the largest in Spain so at that moment there is not even an estimated date for the 5G to land in our country, although it will not take too long to move from one side of the puddle to the other. that we will not have to worry too much about it. At the moment it is not known what improvements it will bring, but it is estimated that it will be an improved version of the current 4G.
We already saw how Apple and Intel were beginning to develop compatible and functional technology with the 5G connection and even the Cupertino company took the license to start testing with the 5G legally. The future is approaching and technological progress goes hand in hand with it, so there is not much left to enter a new technological era.
iPod touch 5G Codec Audio Cirrus
The US telecommunications company has just begun to give a warning to the manufacturers of terminals to get the batteries and begin to investigate and invest in phones that can make use of 5G, but what is clear that Apple is the first in creating a smartphone that is compatible with this new connection.

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