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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Bobby, the app that helps you control the cost of your subscriptions

Every time we are subscribed to more services, so a good way to have your expenses controlled is to use the Bobby app .
Booby is an app specially designed to control the multiple subscriptions that we use every month, for example iCloud , Apple Music or Netflix .
Of course, it also helps us to control those additional fixed costs , such as the gym fee, but is more focused on the subject of subscription services.

The Bobby Interface is quite simple

Bobyy iPhone X
If we want to start controlling all our subscriptions, Bobby does it with a very simpleinterface , very colorful, simple and intuitive. This will make it much easier to find services and monthly or weekly payments.
Adding subscriptions is really simple, plus Bobby includes a lot of registered applications. If by chance our service is not included or we want to add a custom one . We can do it without any of your problems, as well as customize it with an image, name and other parameters.
The rows can be modified at will, that is, they do not have to continue in the order in which you have added them in antiquity . To do this, simply press one of the rows and move it to the desired position.
Payments can be completed by cycles. If a service is of a single day, of weeks, months or years . The one day (or several), is quite practical for those rates offered by the iPad Pro to connect for single days.
Another interesting feature of Bobby is that we can synchronize our account with iCloud . In addition to integrating security through Touch ID or Face ID . This is important to maintain the privacy of our services.
For users who have an iPhone X, they will be grateful that they remember them because now Bobby integrates a dark mode . This new mode, will help save some more battery in the day to day. Of course, also to give aesthetic change for any iPhone.
The application is in Spanish and comes preconfigured with many well-known services. Just by indicating the price and the duration of the cycle, you will have created your first card so that Booby takes control of the subscriptions .
If you want and allow it, Bobby can even warn you in each cycle about the renewal of the services you have contracted individually. This app is completely free and does not include integrated purchases.

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