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Saturday, January 13, 2018

CES 2018 shows that Apple is still working on AR glasses

Apple does not have a presence in the CES in a public way with a stand like other brands but there is a representation of the company in this technology fair, as it happens for example in the MWC. These representatives of Apple would have met, according to Bloomberg , with suppliers of parts focused on the RA. This gives us an idea that Apple would be working on some gadget based on AR, such as the famous Augmented Reality, which have been so rumored.

AR is the future for Apple

How would our life be with augmented reality glasses?
What would our life be like with augmented reality glasses?
Obviously Apple will have maintained conversions with many suppliers, although the ones that have most stood out have been these with representatives of companies dedicated to the AR, since it is the novelty.
Specifically in Bloomberg the following is collected:
During the CES, representatives of major companies such as Apple, Facebook and Google met with suppliers that manufacture the necessary parts for the power RA glasses, according to people familiar with the meetings. Smaller companies such as Snpa and Xiaomi from China also met with potential partners at the show, indicating a desire to manufacture their own AR glasses. Behind the curtain, Samsung and LG have already made small orders of AR components to start prototype devices.
It is clear that the future is augmented reality , and that is why all companies are interested in getting the necessary components to make different prototypes, such as Apple, which would like to continue working on their own glasses.

Apple is testing the ground , offering augmented reality to the user in the iPhone with ARKit , something that has been quite popular . The next step will surely be these glasses that can be seen as something futuristic, but already most companies opt for this route. So do not be surprised that in a few years we all go with glasses that give us a lot of information about us.

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