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Sunday, January 14, 2018

December and January, complicated months for Apple

Christmas 2017 will be well remembered by Apple and its customers for the possible programmed obsolescence discovered and affirmed by themselves of their devices.
Apple defended itself once it was on the ropes, claiming that they had made the decision to slow down their devices to avoid spontaneous reboots in those who had a degraded battery. A possible alibi that can convince some clients, but not all.
The lack of transparency in the updates and the concealment of information towards customers, caused associations, individuals and governments to denounce the company for crimes of computer sabotage, as FACUA did in Spain.

Batteries and parental control

In France, the Hamon Law entered into force on July 1, 2016, where  any company that deliberately reduces the duration of its products is penalized with up to 2 years in prisonEnough reason for the French association HOP, to denounce Apple officially at the end of December 2017.
On January 5, the Office of the Prosecutor of Paris began to investigate Apple for fraud , to which the association of consumers in Spain, FACUA , joined The spokesman, Ruben Sanchez, said that Apple could be involved in crimes of computer sabotage by slowing down their iPhone devices deliberately and being aware of it.
Although Apple already apologized publicly in an open load , it was not enough to calm the spirits of their customers, where some claimed to feel "swindled" and probably would not have bought a new terminal if they had the correct information.
Investigation against Apple
Stampaprint infographics
This action of Apple can cost very expensive, according to some analysts such as Mark Moskowitz , the sale of the iPhone could be significantly reduced, possibly reduced by 16% . So much for discovering this possible fraud and for the solution of changing the batteries so that their devices return to work properly with a temporary reduction.
The economic reduction of 29 euros to change the batteries of the affected models, has left without stock of batteries  to the Apple Store of the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Russia and Turkey. Specifically the iPhone 6 plus model, where the replacement time, oscillates between March or April of this year. For iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the waiting time is reduced from 1 to 2 weeks.

Shareholders and children

iPad Baby kids parental control
Apple received a touch of attention this January by some investors , where they published an open letter to demand the company more involvement in parental control and new options to avoid dependence on their products to children.
Apple responded in just 24 hours , stating that they are still working on improving parental controls. In addition, he recalled that they cover this topic since 2008, where they have been improving in each update and where it remains a fundamental part for them.
The truth is that Apple has had a fairly hazy end of the year, staining the reputation it had achieved for many years and where the personal brand, at a moral level, has been devalued in a very short time for many customers.

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