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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Die With Me, the app that only activates when you have a 5% battery

There are curious applications and others like Die With Me  that seek to share our agony when we barely have any battery left in our iPhone. This is the case with Die With Me , it only allows you to send text messages when the battery is about to run out.
This app has a graphical environment that allows us to reduce as much as possible the resources of our iPhone so that the battery lasts a little longer, especially in the iPhone X, since it activates a dark mode. The anecdotal thing is that we can only send messages to other friends who are having a bad time, that is, they also have a 5% battery .
No, Die With Me will not surpass in downloads to WhatsApp nor will it have a traffic like iMessage , but it does not stop being curious the imagination of the developer. So if we want to share our agony with other contacts, we will only have to pay 0.99 euros .

Die With Me, the original messaging app

Of course, you can open the app at any time , but you can only relate to other contacts when they also enter panic mode with 5% battery.
To take full advantage of this app, we must have our battery in good condition, we already know that a degraded battery can be turned off before it reaches that percentage.
With a battery in good condition and with battery saving options, we will have considerable autonomy . In the case of the iPhone X, we have done tests in 4G, surfing the Internet, listening to Podcasts or using instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, obtaining very positive results.
So you know, if you want to share your agony when your iPhone's battery runs out, you'll be happy to know that there's an app that brings together the people around you who are also having a bad time.

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