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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Download the 5 best arcade games for your iPhone and iPad

Surely, like us, you miss the time when video games were mere means of entertainment , without an intricate and complex story to pay attention to. Only us, the command, and a fun game that brought out our wildest side.
If you are one of us, today we bring you five arcade games that will help you relive these beautiful times. They do not take up too much memory and also have very favorable reviews in the App Store.

Timber West

The old west is back in this hilarious game. In Timber West you will have to fight the bad guys , destroy the boss and save the beautiful damsel in distress. Come on, an arcade game with all the lyrics.
Download it now using the link that we leave here.


This fun game made with a lot of love will make you have a good afternoon. You can unlock new characters and weapons as you go through and cut with your swordeverything that crosses your path, like a knight.
Here we leave you in link to the App Store to download it.

Super Phantom Cat 2

In Super Phantom Cat 2 we will follow the story of Ari, a kitten whose sister has been kidnapped by an alien force. Destroy the dark enemies with your super powers to fulfill your mission: save your sister .
Download this game by clicking on the link.

Dan The Man

Follow Dan The Man in this inappropriate-but very fun-adventure! Fight against the high command to save the exploited lower class ... and save the girl on the road .
This is probably one of the funniest games we have been able to try, so here we leave the download link.

Jump Drive

Jump Drive is the perfect definition of simple but effective . Avoid falling into the traps that are set throughout the stage, as you move through the level.
Here below is the link to the App Store.

As you can see, sometimes reviving classic systems is not as bad as it seems. We hope that all these free games have been to your liking, as we will soon be back with more !

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