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Monday, January 15, 2018

Download this free ARKit game with radio controlled cars

This game with ARKit technology, has demonstrated the great potential that can be achieved in our mobile devices. RC Club, is a game that allows us to drive a radio control car anywhere thanks to augmented reality.
Realism is evident, both graphically and driving. This app will faithfully reproduce the driving of a radio controlled vehicle . Although the game is completely free, it offers integrated purchases to unlock other vehicles or publisher packages.
The app developed by Abylight SL, currently reaches number 3 in the sports category and number 1 in "AR Games" .

RC Club, the game created with ARKit

RC Club game
We have been able to test this game in different scenarios, the result being quite positive. To maximize the capacity of augmented reality, we need an open space with good lighting .
Little by little we are seeing the potential of ARKit technology , where it gives us the possibility to run applications and games like RC Club from our device. In the most long-lived iPhone or iPad, we will notice some "lag", that is, it will not flow completely.
In our case, we tested this game with iPad Pro 12.9 " second generation and iPhone X . In the first case, the level of detail was somewhat lower, but instead the gameplay was more comfortable.
RC Club game
With the iPhone X, the load is faster and the details levels are higher, but the position of the rear camera, makes the position of grip is somewhat more uncomfortable .
Playing outdoors allows us to expand until we practically no longer see the vehicle. In interiors , interesting avoid the common pitfalls of home, such as chairs or tables.
Undoubtedly, a great game that also exploits the full potential of your iPhone or iPad and augmented reality.
Thanks "@Campidisco" for the recommendation.

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