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Monday, January 8, 2018

Face ID is again questioned in a new video

A couple of brothers have tested the security of Face ID, where they have discovered that both can unlock their iPhone X without any problem.
In the two videos that they present, they show us two terminals , one recently purchased and another acquired in the first wave of November.
In this case, they are not twin brothers or children, if it were one of those cases, Apple recognized that possibly Face ID would not be 100% effective .

Face ID against two brothers

@Apple5x1 @Fernando5x1 BuenAs noches Fernando, Mi hermano @alexbelda y yo podemos desbloquear nuestros iPhone X , fallo Face ID de @Apple ?? Su iPhone X es nuevo como se en el vídeo y el mío es de la primera tongada, que opináis??Un saludo y la segunda del vídeo va en otro tweet
In the two videos that we have sent, we can see how both explain the procedure using a recently acquired iPhone X (still has protective plastics) and another with much more time of use.
Face ID
Both one and the other, can unlock the two terminals without any problems. Something quite strange but where we have already known similar cases. The most common are the cases between relatives , one of the most recent was that of a mother and her son .
@Apple5x1 @Fernando5x1 @alexbelda @Apple Te adjunto la segunda parte del vídeo que solo me deja subir 0:45 segundos no se porque y puedo pasarte el vídeo entero cuando quieras. Un saludo y 
The particularity of this video is that the unlocking can be done on two completely different iPhone Xs . It could be understood in one of the cases (in the recently acquired terminal), where Face ID would need more time to make a more exact mapping of each person's face.
Still, it should not happen. Videos demonstrating how Face ID can be harmed by another person, makes many users distrust this new facial recognition of Apple and opt for other models such as the iPhone 8 with Touch ID .

It is the second video we received from Spain with this feature. Recently, we showed you a video that came to the news about how a father and a son could unlock the iPhone X using Face ID .

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