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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Give your Apple Watch a special touch with these straps

The Apple Watch is a device that we use every day, that goes with us anywhere, so it would not hurt to "dress" it for every occasion.
One of the advantages we have now, is that any strap can be combined in any versionof Apple's smart watch. Something that will be appreciated by all users who have been updating their Apple Watch with each new release.
On a day-to-day basis, we can opt for sports, informal, elegant straps or for practically any situation. The official belts are usually higher in price, but thanks to some manufacturers, we have the opportunity to change our belts more frequently and with a lower price .

Dress your Apple Watch with a magnetic strap

Apple Watch
Yes, this type of strap is very similar to the  original Milanese . Currently we can find it in various shades, such as silver, black, purple, pink, rose gold and gold. Of course, they are available for both the 38 and 42mm version.

Silicone version Nike +

Apple Watch Nike Strap
This type of straps are very interesting, since it mimics the Nike + version On this occasion, we have many colors available to give them a fun touch and according to our sportswear and our physical activity.

Leather belts

Apple Watch leather strap
A leather strap always looks good, whether it's black leather or brown leather. This manufacturer offers us a high quality strap with details of the white threads that look pretty good.

Stainless steel on your wrist

Apple Watch Steel
The stainless steel straps give a touch of robustness to our Apple Watch, in addition to combining with virtually any garment. Whether we have a silver or gray space clock, this manufacturer provides us with both tonalities.

Fabric straps

Apple Watch web straps
The fabric straps are usually light, with good heel and with a series of really interesting designs. This type of straps offer a soft act, in addition to a practically infinite combination with all the possibilities that they offer us.
With so many possibilities, now the difficult thing is to choose a strap for our Apple Watch , but surely you would have some in mind to help you decide.

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