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Friday, January 12, 2018

Health data from an iPhone helps solve a murder case

A court in Germany gives valid information recorded on an iPhone 4s through the application Health to solve a case of rape and murder.
The main suspect refused to provide the unlock code for his terminal, so the Freiburg police resorted to an external company specialized in breaking the security systems.
Once they could access it, they verified that the data recorded by the Health app, coincided with the activity of the day in which the rape and murder of Maria L. was committed.

Health data as evidence in a trial

The evidence of the murder showed how the murderer slid the victim  down a slope until drowning her in a river, specifically in the river Dreisam. The body of the victim was found there, according to the German half Welt .
A police officer with the same height of the Afghan refugee who murdered the girl, recreated the action of the murderer , where they could verify that the embankment had a drop of two instances of climbing approximately.
The data found in the iPhone 4s of the Afghan killer, showed an activity where he would have registered a similar activity. That is, going down and up the embankment where the victim was found.
This, together with the information from videos and public surveillance positioning data , were enough to reveal the Afghan refugee who decided to rape and murder a 19-year-old student of medicine.
Thanks to the information saved in Health of iPhone 4s of the murderer, this "puzzle" could be completed and clarify what happened on that fateful day, being the first time in Europe to collect health data from an Apple device to solve a case and accuse a suspect.
We recall that Salud was included in all Apple phones with the release of iOS 8, where Apple began a path to promote a healthy life through their devices. The Apple Watch is a clear example of this.

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