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Monday, January 22, 2018

HomePod is closer than ever to being approved by the FCC

HomePod is only a few days away from reaching the market and seeing how it is received by users. Both the update that we will see next week of iOS 11.2.2, and the approval by the FCC of the product we have known today are indications that we will see this new product in these weeks. 

The HomePod about to go to market

Today Apple has received approval from the FCC to be able to market this new product of the Cupertino firm. This approval makes us think that its exit to the market is imminent.
HomePod scheme
Along with this presentation have been included different images of the new gadget being one of the bottom of the speaker where we observe the FCC approval label. 
Almost all of the documents that Apple has attached to the FCC application are dated September 27, so there would have been no significant change from that date to today in terms of hardware.
This is complemented by the information we released this week where it was reported that the first million units would have left the supply chain for Apple to start distributing them, and could send a total of 10-12 million HomePod. 
We must see how Apple's actions evolve this week, but what is clear is that they must hurry since the competition is already very present in the market. We also expect them to expand rapidly in the rest of the countries and not only stay in three countries.

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