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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

HomePod's iOS 11.2.5 icons indicate that we can mute Siri

As all of us who are on the trail of the latest movements of Apple know, the apple has already obtained the license to launch for sale once and for all the product that has been giving so much to talk about recently, the HomePod. Since the Cupertino company has complied with the legal part, it can go on sale at any time and every time we see more signs that that moment is approaching quickly, starting with iOS 11.2.5 since the icons include a micro in the image of these which is crossed out and this could be a proof that we can mute or mute Siri in the HomePod.

News about HomePod

As in the iPhone we have the "Hey Siri", in the HomePod we will also have it, with this we mean that the virtual assistant, in this case Siri, is always active waiting for us to activate it to come to him very similar to " OK Google "so sometimes, maybe the user wants or needs to disable this function to be able to say specific words out loud without the need for Siri to make an appearance.

The first time we physically saw the HomePod was last year at WWDC 2017 (World Wide Developers Conference), that is, the event that Apple performs annually to show us their projects and the products that will be on the market soon, although the HomePod was presented there in June, the block told us that it would go on sale at the end of last year, but the company wanted to wait to be able to improve and develop more thoroughly the software that this smart speaker will carry integrated.
Apple HomePod
Without a doubt the HomePod is a new challenge for Apple, a product that despite being the first Apple in its category, this is not the pioneer in its genre because we just have to take a look at the Amazon Echo, plus the America's most important and efficient parcel firm in the world said publicly that they were not worried that Apple would release its own smart loudspeaker.

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